Inspired by the diverse flavours available at a patisserie, a variety of fillings were developed to complement different cake bases, allowing near-endless combinations for a one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Cake bases are chosen based on their ability to work with multiple tiers and withstand several hours on display during receptions.

Cake Bases

Rich Yellow Butter Cake 
Using all egg yolks as opposed to whole eggs gives this cake its signature deep yellow colour. It has a delicate richness and fine texture, yet is sturdy enough to accommodate multiple tiers. This cake is also great for left overs the next day!

Classic Butter Cake
Warm milk and butter are the key ingredients for this Sweet Milton favourite, a moist white cake with a tender crumb.

Milk Sponge

A dash of milk gives this light sponge cake a softer texture. Not as moist as the Classic Butter Cake, but pairs well with syrup to moisten the layers.

Vanilla White Cake
Using egg whites as opposed to whole eggs gives this cake its delicate texture and pale colour. It pairs well with lighter fillings such as curds and compotes or a simple vanilla bean buttercream.

Double Chocolate Cake 
Using both melted chocolate and cocoa powder, this rich bittersweet cake pairs well with caramel and buttercream fillings.

Chocolate-Coffee Cake
Adding coffee to the chocolate cake intensifies the rich chocolate flavour with an ever-so-subtle coffee flavor. Pairs well with ganache and espresso buttercream

Hazelnut Dacquoise (gluten free)
Made of hazelnuts and meringue, this nutty cake takes on a chewy, moist texture when paired with a rich buttercream or ganache. Note: Due to the the delicate nature of this cake, it can only be used for smaller top tiers.


Cake fillings

Sweet Milton uses two types of buttercreams: French and Italian. French buttercream is made of egg yolks, sugar syrup and butter, and has a pale yellow tinge, silky texture, and rich flavour. It is perfect with just a dash of vanilla, but also pairs well with chocolate, coffee and nut flavours. Italian buttercream is made of egg whites, sugar syrup and butter. This meringue-based buttercream has a smoother, lighter texture than French buttercream, and complements virtually any flavour. It is most often used to decorate the exterior of a wedding cake.
Flavours: Vanilla Bean, Raspberry, Coconut, Rose Water, Coffee, Pistachio, Hazelnut, and Chocolate

Curds add a wonderfully tangy addition to a cake. A rich, creamy filling that works well with lighter cake bases such as the Vanilla White Cake, Warm Milk Cake and Classic Butter Cake.
Flavours: Lemon, Passionfruit, Lime, and Mandarin (seasonal)

Compotes are a lighter, fruitier alternative to curds. Usually made with berries, this filling adds a fabulous pop of color to cakes when sliced. Compotes pair well with buttercream as the fruit flavours help balance the richness of a buttercream.
Flavours: Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Sour Cherry 

Ganache and Caramels
Ganache and caramels have a rich, decadent flavour. They’re usually paired with one of the Chocolate Cakes or the Rich Yellow Butter Cake.
Flavours: Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate-Coffee, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Chocolate-Orange, Caramel and Salted Caramel

Pastry Cream
A custard-based filling that is delicious with a simple dash of vanilla, or in a variety of other flavors. Pastry cream is delicious with all cakes and fillings!
Flavours: Vanilla, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Hazelnut, Pistachio